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Thank you for visiting The Freedom Lawyers, we are happy to provide you with more information about Probation Revocations. We are Probation Revocations Specialists in Metro-Atlanta, and are ready to fight for your rights.

Anyone who is on probation faces an uphill battle. They are tasked with completing endless conditions and are at the beck and call of their probation officers. In Georgia, in order to avoid probation revocations, you are required to comply with the terms of probation assigned at the time of conviction or plea. The failure to complete those conditions including a new arrest, positive drug screen, or some other reason can result in the person on probation serving the rest of their sentence in jail.

Knowing that you face an uphill battle means you need an attorney who knows exactly how to win these types of cases. No matter what the allegation, you are entitled to a full hearing for any probation revocation including the presentation of evidence and the questioning and cross-examining of all witnesses involved in the facts supporting the revocation.

In other words, the state has to prove you violated your probation through a court proceeding and full hearing. This can mean the court hears your entire case twice- once during your revocation and a second time during your trial. Most people charged with a probation revocation accept their fate given to them by the prosecutor – but it is your right to be represented and to fight the allegations against you.

At The Freedom Lawyers we have fought countless probation revocations in counties all over the metro Atlanta. We understand the unique circumstances and preparation required to win these types of cases- which is why if you are facing the loss of your freedom and the revocation of your probation- the only right choice is to Hire a Freedom Lawyer.

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